“The Reel 2 Real International Youth Jury is an opportunity to see film through a new lens. You are exposed to movies you wouldn’t otherwise see: foreign, local, feature, and short. By watching with a critical eye and discussing with fellow jury members, film takes on a whole new dimension.” – Saskia Vaisey

“It was different from being just a passive viewer… [T]he result is that we’ll watch movies and TV differently, based on what we’ve learned. In a world dominated by the media, it’s an important skill to be able to… look at these images more critically.” – Adriana Byrne, Grade 11

“I [was] continually blown away by the number of talented film makers from across the globe that submitted their films to the festival… I hope that film makers keep remembering the youth as an important and influential audience in the future.” – Yasmin Kassam, Grade 11

It is rare that there are films which are shown within the school day, fit the curriculum, and merit a field trip. Reel 2 Real films easily satisfy these criteria, and in addition, the VanCity Theatre is a lovely space, which makes the outing even more special. Students engaged in a lively discussion following the film, and many parents commented on how much they enjoyed hearing about the film from their children later on in the day. Engaging in meaningful dialogue is at the heart of my curriculum and key to promoting critical thinking skills. Viewing the film resulted in just that. – Deborah Roos, Ecole Jules Quesnel

“We learnt and saw so many cool things from so many different and cool looking places, that it was worth it a hundred times over. I learnt how to be a semi-good film critic, to know how to properly judge a good movie” – Alison Moreau, Grade 7

“The films I got to see were original, funny, touching, and inspirational, and best of all, they are not the type of things that you can go to see in a theatre… Being on the youth jury really opened my eyes up to a whole new world of information, of culture, and of art. It has been an amazing experience.” – Lauren Selden, Grade 11