Our Team

Reel 2 Real Festival Staff

Executive Director: Venay Felton, Ed D
Director of Programming
: Tammy Bannister
Program Associate & Youth Jury Facilitator
: Jessica Bradford
Festival & Outreach Coordinator: Sukhmani Gill
Programming Assistant: Cate McLennan
Print & Web Design: Laurel Terlesky | Amanda Kerr
Publicity & Media Manager: Helen Yagi
Box Office: Kaen Séguin
Print Traffic Coordinator: Kathy Evans
Study Guide Writers: Dan Blake, Venay Felton
Youth Media Conference Discussant: Tash King
Copy Editor: Leilani Toledo
Workshop Mentors: Jessica Bradford, Tasha Brotherton, Jenna Brown, Jeff Chiba-Stearns, Thomas Giwusk Isaac-Came, Arun Fryer, Kellen Jackson, Patrick Shannon, Elisa Chee, Alicia Eisen, Stephan Gladue, Ewan Green, Flick Harrison, Scott Kiborn, Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty, Jody Kramer, Alex MacKenzie, Cindy Mochizuki, Lisa G. Nielsen,  Jacquie Rolston, Moira Simpson, Weronika Stepien, Kaho Yoshida, Ryder Thomas White.

Board of Directors 2018 – 2019
Jodi Derkson
Nicole Koller, President
Marie-France Leroi, Secretary
Robyn Ludwig, Treasurer
Jessica Fairbairn
Alison Wick
Kam Sein Yee

Program Advisors
Barb Cranmer, Filmmaker, Alert Bay, BC
Harry Killas, Associate Professor, Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Renate Zylla, Festival Agent, Berlin

Internal Affairs – Mayanka Sarin, Leslie Mawhinney
External Affairs – Marie-France Leroi, Jodi Derkson
Screening – Jessica Johnson, Stella Andersson, Emiliano Urquiza Garcia, Cate McLennan
Sponsorship – Robyn Ludwig, Nicole Koller, Michèle Rechtman-Smolkin

Adult Jury 2018
Norman Armour
Anne-Mary Mullen
Shana Myara

Youth Filmmakers Showcase Jury 2018
Anaïsa Visser
Milena Salazar
Kryshan Randel

R2R Youth Jury 2018

We wish to thank these talented young people who spent hours viewing film from around the world. Based on their careful consideration and thoughtful analysis, we have awarded the best films.

Junior Youth Jury
Stella Simon
Iris Taylor
Jane Colquhoun
Grace Patterson
Jasmine Morris
Fiona Sutherland
Dahrius Naimi
Sasha Charity

Senior Youth Jury
Elijah Hayter
Stella Anderson
Aaron Chan
Cassandra Goldman
Evelyn Hussey
Wei-Ling Morris
Max Korinth
Sebastien Hugron

The Reel to Real Celebration of Moving Images for Youth Society is a non-profit registered charity in the province of British Columbia. The Festival is supported by funding from individuals, government, foundations and corporate sponsors. Registered Charitable Number 88041 8702 RR 0001.