Family Fuse Weekend

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Don’t miss the short film program at the VAG’s Family Fuse Weekend

June 20-21
Saturday – Sunday, 10 AM – 5 PM
Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby Street

Join artists, musicians, dancers, performers and educators as they take you here, there and everywhere! through a range of interactive activities, performances and hands-on workshops! Then chill out in the Family Film Lounge to see a wonderful selection of short films programmed by R2R’s Jody Kramer.

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R2R Films available on DVD or Blu-ray

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We are often asked where the films we screen at R2R can be purchased. For years, it was next to impossible to find any of these films on DVD or Blu-ray, but I’m pleased to announce that this is changing.  Here are a few films you can purchase online:

Approved for Adoption
Ernest & Celestine  (bilingual) – will be released June 17, 2014
Ernest et Celestine (version française)

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New films posted!

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Check out the films students created during Animate it! at the New Westminster Public Library on November 7.

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The KIDS CULTURE FILM SERIES  begins this Sunday with


Directors: Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits
Latvia, Estonia/ 2011 / 73 minutes
In English For ages 4+
When her uncle brings back a mysterious stone from a secret temple in the mountains, Lotte the dog must outrace a pursuing pack of moon rabbits to unlock its magical secret.

Sunday, September 15, 1:45 pm
The Rio Theatre, 1660 E Broadway

Tickets: $9 adults, $6 children 12 and under

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Are you a teen 13-18 looking for a unique, fun and meaningful summer adventure? VIVO summer camps are ideal for young artists and creators wanting a different kind of camp experience.

Full and partial scholarships are available for both camps. Registration forms and scholarship applications are available on the camp description pages:

Video Revolution! Making your message – August 5-9
Hacking the Home: Creative electronics – August 12-16

VIVO thanks TELUS Vancouver Community Board for their generous support for this program.

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Youth Media Day in Richmond is this weekend!

WHO / Youth 14-19 yrs who want to know what’s up in the world of film, social media and technology (and whether there’s really fame & money in it).
WHAT / An intensive media & film expo organized by youth for youth, YOU+ME is chock full of cool films and hands-on workshops. Plus a full Mock Movie Set! Meet other media-loving youth, and learn from industry professionals! Click here for details.
FEATURING: IFHT, David Vaisbord, Jeff Chiba Stearns, The Herd, Housing Matters Media Project
WHEN+WHERE / Saturday July 20, 2013 from
10:00am – 5:30pm at the Richmond Cultural Centre (7700 Minoru Gate)
HOW / Tickets only $15. Lunch included. Get them here.



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BC Stories- new animation!

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Check out the films made by students at Maple Grove Elementary:

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All of the animation kids created at the Surrey Children’s Festival from May 23-25 is now posted here.

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Queen of Colours

A world-renowned festival of performing arts for young audiences, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival has been educating, entertaining and inspiring young audiences since 1978. The 36th annual event, takes place May 27 – June 2 on Granville Island .Professional performing artists from Norway, Africa, Germany and Canada will be performing12 shows in six Granville Island venues , including four indoor and two outdoor Festival environments. In addition, the Festival hosts over 15 hands-on arts activities such as shadow puppetry, an outdoor weaving sculpture, bicycle spin-art, origami, a sock puppet workshop, circus skills, the Twist & Toddle play area and much, much more. Wow, there really is so much going on, it hard to decide what you should do. So at R2R we have decided to give you a helping hand and pick our TOP 5 TIPS for Vancouver International Children’s Festival. Here we go –


This play stood out to us as it uses shadow puppetry and as you may recall we had Mere Phantoms media artists at R2R this year with their interactive shadow installations.They left us with a curiousity to discover more of this art and this play fits the bill. This enchanting world-wide hit has delighted audiences across the globe. Loosely based on Jutta Bauer’s children’s book, the play uses a blend of shadow puppetry, live music, painting, and video projection to create a magical event for young. Here a bossy, bored little queen lives in a monochromatic universe until the court painter, using audience requests, injects a painterly palette into her drab world revealing the emotional resonance of colour.
“…imagine an animated picture book being assembled on the fly … a remarkable accomplishment” ~Andy Probst,

Festival web page for more details –

*For more Shadow Play check out the Exploration Zone and explore the magic of light through sound, movement and play using shadow puppets.


Zooey Deschanel plays one. So do William H. Macy and Mr. Schuester on Glee. Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder accompanies himself exclusively on one for his recent albums, Ukulele Songs. Meanwhile, every third TV commercial seems to feature a soundtrack of a strumming ukulele.With the Ukulele enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years and being a brilliant instrument for kids to learn, this show should be a delightful musical treat.
Barely in his 30s, ukulele master James Hill has four genre-bending albums to his name and a fan-base that spans the globe. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin calls him a “rare peer” of Hawaii’s premier ukulele players. His inventiveness and passion for sharing music through this fun, kid-sized instrument makes him an instant hit for all ages. Accompanied by Anne Janelle on cello, this pioneer of “ukulele in the classroom” will delight and surprise! “This is an exciting moment for the ukulele… A powerful new voice has emerged.” Leo McKay (April, 2011)

James Hill on youtube –

Festival web page for more details –

There are over 15 creative arts station at Vancouver Children’s Festival so there is something to keep every child entertained and stimulated. From toddlers to tweens, kids of all ages can get creative or just have some fun at one of the many creative arts stations. We’ve picked 3 of our favourites –

Bicycle Spin-Art with Make at Granville Island – Create your own one-of-a-kind spin-art painting while riding a bike!
Hai! Origami – Experience the magic of learning the Japanese art of paper folding.
Sock it To Me! – Travel the sock circuit and choose from pipe cleaners, wiggly eyeballs, shiny objects and material to decorate your own unique sock puppet! Bring your own sock or use one of ours – we provide the rest. No smelly socks!

Festival web page for more details –

At R2R this year we enjoyed great success with our Pajama breakfast party and it was so much fun to see everyone in their colourful and comfy pajamas. We are delighted to see that you can keep your jammies on and enjoy some events at the Children’s Festival too. It’s a jammies revolution! Dress the kids (and yourself) in their favourite jammies, and head down to Granville Island for the ultimate bedtime story with these special 6.30pm shows. Jammes optinal; snacks will be served!
Tue, May 28th – Bobs & Lolo
BC’s widely adored musical duo performs Nature Rocks, an action-packed musical experience.
Wed, May 29th – Queen of Colours
This world-wide hit uses puppetry, art projections and live music to tell a simple story about kindness and originality.

Festival web page for more details -


If all else fails and you don’t have an opportunity to make anything during the festival then you can enjoy the Variety Show. It’s always a highly anticipated event.
Watch Festival performers cut loose at the annual Variety show! This year’s tour de force boasts dazzling acrobatics, traditional African music, cutting-edge ukulele and electrifying Acadian rhythms. Hosted by puppeteer Robert Morgan of Morgan’s Journey with acts by Cirque Zuma Zuma, Grand Dérangement, James Hill, Aboulaye Koné and Nathalie Cora of Baobab, this evening show is always a Festival highlight.

Festival web page for more information -

Information on tickets - Tickets for featured performances are $25 per adult, $15 per child including tax and service charges, with exceptions for Sparrow ($25 adult, $5 child) and the Variety Show ($25 adult, $22 child). Show tickets include access to all hands-on arts activities so come for a show but stay for the whole day! For access to hands-on arts activities only: purchase an Activity Wristband for $8 per person (sold onsite only). Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online at, by phone at 1.877.840.0457, in advance at Tickets Tonight, Plaza Level, 200 Burrard Street, Vancouver or during the Festival at our on-site box office located between Festival House and the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island.

VICF SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS For more details visit, on Flickr  on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

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R2R- Recommends RYY @ DOXA 2013

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 The Mosuo-Sisters

Reel 2 Real may be over for another year but you can still get your fix of engaging and challenging films for youth courtesy of DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2013 with their 5th annual Rated Y for Youth (RYY) program.

‘DOXA selects programming specifically for school-aged students, giving youth an opportunity to attend the festival, view thought-provoking documentaries and participate in lively post-film discussions with filmmakers and community members. This collection of films covers everything from hip hop to the Occupy movement to animal rights with intelligence, energy and a huge amount of heart.’

The RYY program includes The Mosuo Sisters, Occupy The Movie, Empathy: Pass it On, The Great Hip Hop Hoax and The Ghosts in Our Machine.

Full information on all titles can be found here –

Reel 2 Real’s 3 Top Picks for Youth are:

Short Film packages are a big part of the R2R’s Program so we are really looking forward to this selection which  includes a panel discussion after.

Shorts Program | 100 mins including panel discussion
Suitable for Grade 6-12 students | G
Wednesday May 8, 2013 | 1:00PM | VIFF’s Vancity Theatre

A collection of powerful films about coming to terms with difference. Whether that means understanding identity, celebrating challenge, or finding strength through imagination, each of the protagonists in these films are the heroes of their own stories.

Films include:
Camp by Tomasz Jeziorski, Poland, 2012, 19 mins G
Straight with You by Daan Bol, The Netherlands, 2012, 19 mins G (coarse language)
Freestyle Life by Adam Palenta, Poland, 2012, 10 mins G
Mookie by Neske Beks, The Netherlands, 2012,19 mins G (coarse language)(Also screened at R2R Film Festival 2013)

DR. KIMBERLY SCHONERT-REICHL is an Applied Developmental Psychologist and a Professor in the Dept. of Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education at UBC. For more than 20 years, her research has focused on the social and emotional development of young people, with a particular emphasis on empathy, altruism, compassion, and resiliency.

Marlo Poras | China/USA | 2012 | 110 mins incl. panel discussion
Suitable for Grade 8-12 students | G
Monday May 6, 2013 | 12:30PM | VIFF’s Vancity Theatre

The Mosuo people in China make up one of the last matriarchal societies in the world. Juma (25) and Latso (22) are sisters from a remote Mosuo village tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas. The film follows the sisters as they navigate their way through two parallel worlds: China’s changing economy and Mosuo tradition. When the sisters move to Beijing, to take jobs in the entertainment industry, their understanding of the world undergoes a profound shock. As one sister says, “I felt like a tiny grain of sand.” The scale of the city is like nothing they have seen before. Even the idea of apartment dwelling confounds the sisters. When they first arrive they think that each skyscraper tower is a single dwelling, only to discover the homes are divided up like an enormous beehive. Just as they’re settling in, the economic downturn of 2009 forces Juma and Latso to postpone their dreams of higher education and modern jobs, and return to their village.
Determined to keep their family out of poverty, Latso agrees to stay home to help their mother on the farm, while Juma heads back to the city to make money as a singer. Juma learns to protect herself from gangsters and other wealthy bar dwellers and Latso gives up her dream of education to take on hard labour and child rearing. Whether it’s breathing in the dusty air of farm life or the second-hand smoke of cocktail lounges, both lifestyles carry their own set of challenges. “Staying at home, or leaving. They are both hard,” says Latso. The burden these women must bear takes its toll on their relationship. Despite their disagreements and disappointments, what keeps these sisters strong, is their open communication and unquestionable loyalty. After all, as Juma says, “The family you are born into is the most important thing in all life.” –SC

Trailer –

DR. GRAHAM JOHNSON is Professor of Sociology Emeritus at UBC, where he taught for 36 years until his retirement. His professional focus was on China, in particular the study of migration. From the late ‘70s he followed the rapid industrialization of south China, which has occasioned a migration of 25 million people from the country to the cities. Graham travelled extensively in China for 40 years, including the areas where many of China`s minority peoples live.


Liz Marshall | Canada | 2013 | 120 mins including panel discussion
Suitable for Grade 8-12 students | PG Scene of animal slaughter
Friday, May 10, 2013 | 12:30PM | VIFF’s Vancity Theatre

Humans have cleverly separated animals into three categories: domestic pets, wildlife and the ghosts in our machine.The latter are those animals who suffer at the helm of global industries. This film follows internationally renowned photographer Jo- Anne McArthur as she travels around the world documenting the lives of these animals. The result is a cinematic portrait of the ghosts who keep the machine of the modern world running.
Caged foxes, lab monkeys and beagles bred for research are just some of the ghosts Jo-Anne encounters on her journey. Part investigation and part art-project, her goal is to change the way we view our relationships with animals. “I’m not there to liberate them, I’m there to document them,“ she says. “As much as I’d like to liberate them from their cages, my role is to educate people so there won’t be future generations of these animals.”
Although careful not to evoke individual guilt, Jo-Anne’s photos are as disturbing as they are beautiful. The Ghosts in Our Machine makes it clear that the human/animal relationship is, indeed, the next big hurdle in our social and moral development. Avoiding the typical handheld camera activist aesthetic, the images are patient, simply resting on the eyes of each animal that Jo-Anne encounters. Beautifully composed photographs and the minimal score allow for a filmic space much needed to reflect on the question haunting our collective conscience. Animals: property or sentient beings? -SC

Trailer –

Toronto-based filmmaker LIZ MARSHALL, director, writer and producer of The Ghosts in Our Machine.
KELLY DAVIDSON, animal lover and shop manager at a Vancouver LUSH Cosmetics store. Motivated to make change, in the summer of 2012 Kelly embarked on the ‘Ghost Free Journey,’ a customized vegan lifestyle challenge designed to inspire and educate a broad demographic about the value of becoming a conscious consumer.
School Groups
If you’re a teacher or counsellor interested in bringing students to a Rated Y for Youth screening at the group discount rates, please follow this link for pdf doc and further information –
If you have further questions, please contact Educational Coordinator, Caroline Coutts at

All films are approved and classified by Consumer Protection BC.
Group tickets are $5 per student when purchased by school groups.
Enjoy the celebration of nonfiction filmmaking at DOXA and congratulations to DOXA on another exciting program for 2013.

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