Elementary School Program

Reel Focus – The Art and Science of Image Making

During Reel Focus, classes in grades 4-7 attend a film program and a workshop at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Instruction is tailored for your age group. The day starts at 9:45 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. Classes attending a 10:00 AM screening will participate in an 11:45 AM workshop; classes participating in a 10:00 AM workshop will attend an 11:45 AM screening. Reel Focus includes a Film Study Guide with relevant information about the films and suggested discussion questions, activities and resources.  Click here for detailed descriptions of the 2015 short film programs and workshops.

Download our flyers here:
Elementary School Programs 2015 (Page 1: Reel Focus; page 2: Talent Lab for elementary schools. The flyer prints on 11×17 tabloid size paper)
Talent Lab – The Outlaw League (Page 1:  langue française – La gang des hors-loi; page 2: English language- The Outlaw League. The flyer prints on 8 x 11 letter size paper)


Talent Lab

This is an excellent fieldtrip opportunity for youth to learn about films and cultures from around the world. These weekday matinee screenings of award-winning feature films are followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, discussant or Festival Director.  All films are accompanied by a study guide with relevant information about the films and suggested discussion questions, activities, and resources. Please see grade recommendations provided for each film.

The Talent Lab program includes the option of attending a workshop. The workshop is available to school groups and home-learners.