Elementary School Program

Over the years, teachers have asked us to include younger students in our diverse, fun-filled, and educational programming. This year it’s our 20th Anniversary, and Fresh Frames has arrived! Fresh Frames is a new elementary program, which builds on all of the wonderful elements you love about Reel Focus, tailored for grade 1 to 4. Your class will attend a short film program at the Vancity Theatre. After the festival, you have the option of having a one hour animation workshop brought to your classroom. You’ll also receive a study guide which helps connect the film program to your curriculum.

Reel Focus – The Art and Science of Image Making

Over five weekdays, elementary school students from across Metro Vancouver attend a 75-minute hands-on filmmaking workshop accompanied by a 75-minute program of short films at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre (RHCC). This program introduces critical thought about the media we consume and make. This program fills up every year, so please send your reservations early. R2R makes every effort to add space for more school groups when possible. We also recommend our Feature Focus program as an alternative to Reel Focus.

Feature Focus promotes a more in-depth development of media literacy and critical thinking skills than Reel Focus – while broadening cultural awareness and global understanding. These weekday matinee screenings of thought-provoking films are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, producers and actors (when possible) for discussion about content, message and aesthetic. Viewing guides are provided to all participating teachers, offering useful questions, activities and additional resources for integrating each program’s content into the classroom. In addition, school groups have the option to book a workshop which we will bring to your school after the festival. Please see our Feature Focus program for details!