For Educators

What is R2R?


The Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (R2R) is an eight-day celebration of film, video and media geared towards youth ages 6 -19. R2R includes a comprehensive school program complete with study guides for educators, as well as weekend screenings and events for families and young adults. R2R presents films from around the world and includes a selection of films made by BC youth. It is our hope that the Festival inspires young people to find and broaden their own views of the world through hands-on media workshops, networking with professionals in the industry and exposure to the large scope of international cinema.

Why teach media literacy?

Media does more than entertain and divert us. Films, television and videos can bring us together in shared experiences and provide common reference points. World cinema also exposes us to alternative points of view. Moving images are an engaging educational tool that can provide opportunities to develop critical thinking strategies and reasoning skills and promote cross-media and cross-culture experiences.

By encouraging students to become active and critical viewers of film, video and television, we are affording them the skills to reflect, challenge and participate fully in our media-enriched culture.

What programs do we offer?

R2R offers a variety of programming options throughout the year, notably our week-long Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth.  Check back in mid January to view our Elementary Program and High School Program pages.

All of our programming is designed to challenge youth to think critically and can be customized to fit the age of the participating class. Learn more about the year-round activities that we offer or view our video gallery and browse through youth film projects.