Animating History

Animating History is an innovative workshop program for youth that connects media literacy and storytelling with building a sense of community through the creative exploration of local history. Students work with a professional animator, learn “hands on” all parts of the animation process, and create a one-minute historical animated film. Sound is recorded after filming and a dedicated score is created in post-production. [read more]

The Steveston Tram

The students were taught about the history of the interurban tram that ran between Steveston and Marpole from 1905 to 1958.


The Mummy Panechates

The story is based on the life of the boy mummy Panechates and how he came to be found at the Vancouver Museum

The Anti-Asian Riots of 1907

This story is based on the events of September 7th, 1907 when 15,000 men rioted in Vancouver’s Chinatown and Japantown.

The Gold Rush

This story is based on the writings of prospector Joseph Halpenny who came overland to B.C.’s Cariboo in the 1860s in search of gold.

The Great BC Fur Trade

Based on historical events in British Colombia during the era of the fur trade.


The Great Vancouver Fire of 1886

This story is based on the events of June 13th, 1886 when the new city of Vancouver burned to the ground in less than 30 minutes.

Britannia Shipyard – Spring Break Animation Camp

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