BC Stories

BC Stories

Our workshops empower youth to conceive, plan, shoot, edit, and screen short animated films that speak about their lives and their community. [read more]

Documenting Youth Activism – Lord Roberts Elementary

This video was created by Grade 7 students at Lord Roberts Elementary School in Vancouver, BC as part of the Documenting Youth Activism Project. Working with two professional filmmakers, students had the opportunity to write, direct and produce short documentary films about youth activism. Students interviewed youth activists at their local high school and were involved in all aspects of production: storyboarding, camera-work, sound, and editing. Documenting Youth Activism was made possible with the generous support of the Telus Community Board in Vancouver.

“Global Problems” – Blueridge Elementary

This short was done by students at Blueridge Elementary and at the Museum of Vancouver. The students created their own story on the subject of Global Warming. A short animation demonstration followed that taught them how to do cut out animation. The sound was recorded separately after groups had completed their second scene.

“Bear and Berries” – Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary

The Our World workshop took place at Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary School in Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada in October 2016. Two classes worked in teams to animate the Haida legend “The Bear and the Berry Picker.” Voiceovers by students were recorded in Haida with assistance from Joan Moody, the Haida Language teacher, and two elders