BC Stories and First Language Stories

BC Stories

BC Stories

Students conceive, plan, shoot, edit and screen short films that speak about their lives and their community.  R2R works in partnership with artists, classroom teachers and school administration to develop an interactive, immersive program fosters artistic expression for students. The program also encourages participation of parents and community members. Please contact us to design a workshop that meets your needs.

Art Starts offers grants to bring this program to your school through Artists in the Classroom (AIC) — Grants for Schools.


First Language Stories

First Language Stories is an interactive, intergenerational, intercultural program that fosters artistic expression among youth in remote communities. Through the medium of film, program participants learn how to create and produce short films that speak to their local history, language and culture. Mentored by professional artists, youth develop film production skills, leadership and teamwork skills, and a deepened connection with their local community, oral histories and traditions.

First Language Stories is developed in collaboration with educators and elders from First Nations communities across British Columbia. In each community, R2R conducts two animation workshops over five days with elementary school children, and one eight-day digital video workshop with high school youth. Youth learn animation techniques, audio recording, digital filmmaking and editing.  


Films from Bella Bella 2015
Films from Haida Gwaii 2014