Museum of Vancouver

A day-long workshop in film animation!

Who: Grades 4 – 12
What: Create a short animated historical film in a full day workshop with a professional animator and museum interpreter
Where: Museum of Vancouver (MOV) -1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
When: Every Monday & Tuesday, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.
How: to book a field trip, you can fill out an Elementary Program Request Form, or contact MOV at 604-730-5307 or

Students work cooperatively with a professional animator and museum interpreter to storyboard the film’s plot, create characters, animate their creations using computer-operated digital cameras, and add dialogue and sound effects. At the end of the day, the class will have a finished product that will be sent to you one week following the workshop.

Cost: $15.00 per student – includes all supplies! (Minimum payment for 16 students is required.)

Animating History is an innovative hands-on workshop that connects media literacy and storytelling through the creative exploration of BC history. During the workshop, youth create a 1-2 minute animated film based on some Vancouver historical events.

This workshop allows youth a chance to bring historical events to life and shows how the past links to current events. Students are encouraged to examine the politics, the obstacles and the events surrounding these historic Vancouver moments.

Goals & objectives

  • Promote an understanding of how animation works,
  • Learn how to develop a story and create characters,
  • Acquire the tools and techniques for creating an animated film using stop-motion animation,
  • Understand the concept of historical fiction and
  • Develop a better understanding of events in Vancouver history

This day-long workshop encourages students to identify what they value about their heritage and their city. They become detectives, guided through MOV exhibits with an objective: to look for clues to the past in order to bring their own BC story to life through animation.

Contact the Museum of Vancouver to book a field trip:
Tel: 604 730-5307



Elementary school curriculum links

This workshop has several links to the school curriculum, helping students to develop skills in such areas as teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Activities include a museum visit, interviewing, storyboarding and animation. Students develop skills in math, time management, storytelling and historical research. Learning how to do animation integrates all areas of the curriculum, enabling students to apply their multiple intelligence to a project-based learning experience.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies – Society and Culture; Language Arts – Oral and Visual Communication; Visual Arts; Technology

What teachers are saying:

“Excellent – bringing history to life with names and stories – an enjoyable enriching program.”

A partnership of R2R and MOV, this program is sponsored by Telus Community Board and the Ministry of Public Safety. Special thanks to MacStation for assistance with our equipment needs.