BC Stories

BC Stories

Students conceive, plan, shoot, edit and screen short films that speak about their lives and their community. R2R works in partnership with artists, classroom teachers and school administration to develop an interactive, immersive program that fosters artistic expression for students. The program also encourages participation of parents and community members.

Students learn basic filmmaking techniques and tips. They create a story outline, learn or expand their lighting and camera skills, and practice editing and sound. At the end of the workshop, students will have produced a 60-90 second video. R2R will work with you to decide which form it will take: experimental, narrative, animated, documentary, or digital storytelling.

Art Starts offers grants to bring this program to your school through Artists in the Classroom (AIC) — Grants for Schools. Our workshop offerings include:

With a point and shoot camera, students make expressive, imaginative, and cutting-edge animation using lightning doodles, pixilation, stop motion or more traditional animation techniques.

Digital Storytelling
Digital stories are first-person narratives that are illustrated with animation, photographs, music, video clips, and some live action. In this workshop, students are guided through the stages of preparation, script writing, image selection and editing of their stories.

Documentary is a powerful medium for communicating a message and instigating change. In this exciting workshop, students learn how to use film to ask hard-hitting questions and tell real-life stories about the issues they care about.

iPad Workshop
Explore iPad photography and video editing. This workshop encourages students to create unique short videos about local history.

If you’re interested in this program please contact us.